Staff Augmentation Services

Cantera Digital offers staff augmentation and high-quality software development services, powered by highly skilled software development team members and proven processes.

The staff who executes your product development strategy works with a passion for excellence, delivering high-quality software with their exceptional skills, talents, and proven approaches to development. We are a trusted for our Staff Augmentation capabilities because our team members work with high quality standards and delivery processes that focus on our clients’ business success.

We Fulfill Your Specific Staffing Needs

Individual Specialists

We provide you with the staff you need, set them up with the workspace and the software required to execute their job. You define the process, coordinate the activities, and manage the projects.

We work alongside you to ensure that the staff you select is meeting the performance criteria and deliverables, and that they receive vacation time and related benefits as agreed. The staff become part of your team, and we help with the minutiae and mundane bureaucratic processes.

Dedicated Team

A team of specialists work for you to create and/or work on your product. The team will work applying Agile practices to expedite delivery. We are responsible for certain personnel management and some low-level activities. You define the hire time frame and are quickly on your way to building a product.

Cantera Digital Addresses Key Staff Augmentation Needs of its Clients

Leverage Human Resources

We manage everything for the nearshore outsourced staff. You won’t have to worry about the entire search-hireonboard process since we will have everything under control. Your staff can have more time to concentrate on their primary areas of expertise.

Optimize Costs

We help optimize your budget and prioritize projects by offering lower costs versus inhouse staff, which can be an important factor when deadlines and deliverables loom. However, cost alone should not be the determining factor in selecting a staff augmentation partner. You need to find the proper balance between cost and quality.

Ensure Timely Delivery

We take a load off your plate when it comes to tight deadlines, last minute deliverables, and reshuffling of priorities. Whether you require a specialist or simply to expand your bandwidth, partnering with Cantera Digital to meet deadlines can be the difference between the successful delivery of a project and unhappy clients. Our process from hire to onboarding ensures you get who you want in time to meet those deadlines.

Gain Staff Flexibility

We give you the flexibility you need to optimize staff allocation according to the priorities of the moment. Cantera Digital can give you peace of mind when you run into unexpected deliverables, have a particularly tough holidaASSUREDy season, or simply have projects with tight cycles or in which the type of expertise required varies significantly. Instead of being stuck with that developer who is mostly looking for something to do, swap the staff as your needs evolve.

Nearshore Effectiveness

Cantera digital works within your time zone and are available based on your needs. We are effectively an extension of your team, with the added benefit of providing you with an opportunity to optimize your budget and reduce costs.

We lay the groundwork while you select the experts who will fulfill your staffing needs



We discuss your technology, tech stack, team structure and specific requests. Then understand timelines and budgets and begin the process.



We share the best matches for your review. You interview final candidates to make the final decision.



We manage the hiring logistics, provide your new team members with necessary guidance and HR support to join your team.



We onboard, provide HR and accounting support so your new team members work seamlessly with your on-location team.


Performance Management

We ensure ongoing communication and engagement throughout, including continuous performance checkins.


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